Policy Goals Overview

for detailed policy goals, please see our publications


  • Block grant education dollars to the states
  • Restore educational decision-making to state and local leaders
  • Allow states to consolidate funding for programs that they consider ineffective or wasteful
  • Reduce bureaucracy and increase transparency of student outcomes
  • Reduce federal intervention in education
  • Provide opportunities to those who have served their country to continue to serve in the education field


  • Recognize good schools & successful models
  • Fast-track replication for high-performing charter schools
  • Equitable funding: money follows the child & provide facilities funding
  • Create a model to assist failing public schools by using high-performing charter schools
  • State control, not federal: education is a state and local responsibility
  • More choices for parents (ESAs, vouchers, charter schools, private schools, opportunity scholarships, tax credits, etc.)